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Developed with FuturePro Goalie School, you can track the quality of your goalie's rebound control and use the stats to help improve their game play.  Using FuturePro's Rebound Control Efficiency benchmark you can easily see how your Goalie is handling their saves.

Additional stats based on rebound risk give you further insight into how the net minder is handing the puck and the secondary Shot On Goal opportunities they are denying or giving up.

Simple Organization

Games are grouped by the Season they are played in to keep all that data easily findable.  There no limits to the number of Seasons you can have Rebound Control Tracker.

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Unlimited Games

Whether is a short summer season or long regular season, there no limits to how many Games you can record for your Goalie.  You can even indicate if a Game is part of a Tournament within a Season.

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Ease of Use

The usability has been designed to make it simple to record the rebounds quickly and easily.  It's so easy to use you could also work the clock and/or scoring while using Rebound Control Tracker.

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Track Multiple Goalies

You can record the rebounds for multiple Goalies in a game.  Just select the new Goalie from the Goalie selector and keep tracking rebounds.  The goalie stats window is updated in real-time for each Goalie in the game.

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Game Reports

You can use the Game Report to share your Goalie's great stats.  You can share the Game Report with the coach, family and freinds in a pretty PDF format or you can mine the data yourself with the CSV export.  Goalie trend reports are coming soon!

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