Playback you control

You decide how a sound starts and how a sound ends in real time with configurable tap gestures.  You can set different actions for single, double and triple taps to achieve the right emotion in the moment.

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Individual Sound Setup

You can configure each song and sound for volume, fade in, fade out and looping.  You can also set their start and end positions with sub-second accuracy in the Pro version to get most impact.

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Unlimited and Organized

With the Pro version, Sports Audio DJ allows you to load as many songs and sounds as you want.  It also lets you categorize them with in unlimited number of Groups so you can organize them how you want.

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Apple Music Support

Sports Audio DJ integrates support for your Apple Music subscription.  You can use downloaded or streaming Apple Music songs along side your other imported iTunes songs and sounds.

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Spotify Premium Support

Sports Audio DJ integrates support for your Spotify Premium subscription.  You can use downloaded or streaming songs along side your other imported iTunes songs and sounds.

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Rock the crowd, lift the team

Sports Audio DJ gives you the intuitive tools you need to strike right mood for the game in the moment.  Want to rock the house, celebrate a goal or underscore a key moment - you're the DJ.

Bring a professional level sound production to the game with Fade In and Fade Out controls to end hard stops and starts.  Set specific Start and Stop times to skip a slow intro or launch into the moment a song kicks into gear.

With the ability to load an unlimited number of songs and sounds you can choose the right sounds for any moment in the game.  Additionally, you can group your sounds any way you like with support for an unlimited number of groups to make the sounds easy to find.

You can now access any song you can think of with support for Apple Music subscriptions and Spotify Premium accounts.  You can either stream their songs or download them to your device for better performance.

You can easily achieve the right emotion for the moment using these music playback customization features:

  • Fade In/Fade Out
  • Sub-Second Start and Stop points (Pro Version only)*
  • Sound Looping
  • Sound Overlay and Crossfade
  • Individual Song Volume levels
  • Color categorize your songs with 11 different colors to choose from (Pro Version Only)*
  • Three customizable tap actions to Start and Stop a song
  • Three customizable Song Group tap actions for Random and Playlist playing (Pro Version Only)*
  • Pause & Resume the last Song played (Pro Version Only)*
  • Import sounds from iTunes, Files and the Share button
  • Supports Apple Music subscriptions - streaming or downloaded music**
  • Supports Spotify Premium - streaming or downloaded music**
  • Unlimited number of songs and sounds to take to the game (Pro Version only)*
  • Unlimited Sound Groups for organizing your songs and sounds (Pro Version only)*
  • Copy and Move sounds between Groups
  • Create an automated a playlist with Play Next Sound or Group Tap Actions (Pro Version Only)*
  • Supports playback of M4A (Apple), M4R (ringtone), MP3 and WAV audio file formats
  • Fully supports iPhone X series and 3rd Gen iPad Pro
  • Fully supports iOS 13 and Dark Mode
* Free vs Pro Version Functionality:
Free: Limited to having only 3 Song Groups
Pro: Use an Unlimited amount of Song Groups
Free: Limited to loading only 10 songs per Song Group
Pro: Load an Unlimited number of songs
Free: Limited Start/Stop timing accuracy to the second
Pro: Supports sub-second song Start/Stop timing accuracy to hit that moment in the song perfectly
Free: Does not support for Group Tap Actions
Pro: Supports the Group Tap Action features including Group Action Menus
Free: Can only Start and Stop Songs
Pro: Supports Pausing and Resuming the last Song played
Free: All the Song Cells are a nice Red color
Pro: Song Cells can be configured with 11 different colors to choose from
Free: Will not receive forth coming new features
Pro: Will get all the new cool stuff

** For more info on special notes on using Apple Music and Spotify subscriptions with SADJ, see the FAQ.

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